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Re: EUnet Contribution to RIPE NCC

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  • From: Kees Neggers < >
  • Date: Thu, 02 Mar 1995 00:27:02 +0100
  • Address: Cluetinckborch, P.O. Box 19035, 3501 DA Utrecht, NL
  • Organisation: SURFnet bv
  • Phone: +31 30 310290
  • Telefax: +31 30 340903

Comparing Glenn's proposal with the original scheme proposed by the RIPE
NCC shows that 5 EUnets (at, de, fi, fr, and uk) have accepted the proposed
category, 2 EUnets (chuug and nlnet) propose to go from large to
medium and all others will be served by EUnet directly, which itself
proposes to be in the large category.

As a result of this the proposed total contribution of all EUnets 
will be about half of the amount proposed by the RIPE NCC. 

I understand Glenn's proposal to be based on the assumption that the
total load of all EUnets to the RIPE NCC will also be reduced by about
half via an intermediate role of the EUnet Amsterdam office. I also
understand that EUnet is prepared to serve chuug and nlnet directly too
to allow chuug and nlnet to keep their load to the RIPE NCC in the medium 
level range.

I learned from TERENA that they will assure fair treatment for all RIPE
NCC users via operational procedures to be worked out between RIPE NCC
and EUnet. I assume this will include the option to reopen the
negotiations with EUnet if the actual load to the RIPE NCC turns out
to be much higher than planned.

My suggestion therefore is to accept EUnets proposal and formally close 
the iteration: the proposal looks fair to me and will allow TERENA to
operate the RIPE NCC as planned.

I am happy to announce that this will allow SURFnet to commit to the 
originally confirmed level. I will sign a commitment form as a large
user tomorrow.


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