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Re: EUnets - again

  > poole@localhost (Simon Poole) writes:
  > > You have accused us 
  > > 
  > > 	- *behind our back* 
  > > 	- *to a wide audience* 
  > We took this privately to your immediate formal superior, you went public.

You took it to my immediate formal superior's superior.  Small detail,
but still escalated out of proportion.  You did not take it up with me first.

You must have given it wider circulation because I received questions about it
from several parties not on the quoted messages, some of which inside EUnet.

  > > 	- without verifying your facts first
  > The facts have been double checked (we might disagree on what the actual
  > incident is).

You did that *after* making the complaint.

This really closes it now.


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