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[myastesting] Re: myAS:

  • To: Maximo Alves < >
  • From: Paolo Moroni < >
  • Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 10:30:44 +0200 (MET DST)
  • Cc: Matthew Williams < >
  • Reply-to: Paolo Moroni < >

  Good morning.
On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Maximo Alves wrote:
> Fill free to set again. Actually I encourage you to do
   I have done so end of last week, but I see no new alarms (nor I received
e-mails, which would be very valuable, since I can't afford polling the
myAS page for alarms). Bug or feature?

> >In general, how is an alarm canceled?
> There two important things here:
> 1 - An active alarm event(displayed in RED on the status page) might be 
> canceled by a Withdraw to become inactive(BLACK). On both cases the alarm 
> is still stored in the database so you can see it on the alarm status page.
   Does the "CLOSEUP_ORIGIN" (in the case of the origin alarm) button do
the actual withdrawal (red-->black)?
> 2 - For each alarm configuration you must set the 'Time to live'. In your case
> ...
   Understood. Thanks for the explanation.
> > - for some reason I cannot login using the new "moroni" account: I
> This was a bug which was fixed this morning. Yesterday I posted to the 
> myAS list informing about that. I thought you have read it.
   Unfortunately not, since I was not subscribed (I am now). And yes, the
"moroni" acocunt works now.

> > - the initial "myAS login page" does not work with Netscape 4.77; it
> >   works with IE;
> Does Netscape 4.77 supports Apache's basic authentication scheme? I guess
> no so that can be the problem.
   Probably not, but I am not a browser expert. At any rate, it doesn't
really matter.
> > - the "Log Out" link does not seem to work properly: if I click on it
> > ...
> ...
> Consequently, the answer to this question is, you can't. Sorry.
   OK, not a real problem.
> Two more things. First, if I wasn't clear don't hesitate to ask. Second,
   As you see, I only hesitated end of last week, because I didn't know
how long it could take to have a new alarm on

> your questions
> are very pertinent so if you don't mind I would like to ask you to post them
> to myas list (myastesting@localhost) in the future.
   OK, I start now. Thanks and have a nice week.

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