[irrtoolset]inet-rtr logic

Jason Lixfeld jason at lixfeld.ca
Mon Sep 13 14:46:10 CEST 2004


	I'm trying to understand how RtConfig uses the inet-rtr to search for 

I have an inet-rtr object with the following peer:

peer:       BGP4 asno(AS13657)

The import/export info of the aut-num object for AS13657 looks like 

import:             from AS701  accept ANY
import:             from AS10678  accept ANY
import:             from AS843  accept ANY
import:             from AS10568  accept AS10568
import:             from AS5764  accept AS5764
export:             to AS10568  announce ANY
export:             to AS10678  announce AS13657 AS13657:AS-CUSTOMERS
export:             to AS843  announce ANY
export:             to AS5674  announce ANY

When I run RtConfig configureRouter <inet-rtr>

I get a list of prefixes for AS10568 and AS5764, but not for AS13657 
itself.  I've read RFC2622 and the man page for IrrToolSet, but it 
doesn't give any indication as to how far it's search key extends into 
the aut-num object referenced in the peer: entry of the inet-rtr 

inet-rtr doesn't imply having a reciprocal entry in the inet-rtr 
objects peer's aut-num object, does it? 

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