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Dear Colleagues,

[apologies for duplicate postings]

As a service to its members the RIPE NCC offers the 
"Routing Registry Training Course".

The main objective of the "Routing Registry Training Course" is to
familiarise the LIRs with the features of the Routing Registry, while
introducing the relevant tools and services of the RIPE NCC. The course
also offers practical exercises.

- Routing Registry as a part of the RIPE Whois Database
and the Internet Routing Registry (IRR)
- Specifying routing policies using (RPSL)
Routing Policy Specification Language and the RtConfig tool
- IRRToolSet
- Routing Information Service (RIS)
- Routing Registry Consistency Check Project

Please note that this is an advanced course. It will:
- NOT teach the basics of routing
- NOT teach the basics of RIPE Database operations,
- NOT describe how to receive Internet resources from the RIPE NCC
- NOT describe how to operate a Local Internet Registry (LIR)

The target audience of the course are technical staff of LIRs: e.g.
network operators, engineers etc. This course is not intended for
administrative or management staff (e.g. Hostmasters) .
It is assumed that all attendees will be familiar with 
Border Gateway Protocol routing and with the RIPE Database  
(i.e. creating/modifying objects).

This course is based on interactive exercises in a local network set-up.
Please bring your laptops equipped with the following:
- A working Ethernet card,
- Three meters of Ethernet cable,
- A secure connection client,
- A web browser.

Please be prepared to share your laptop (or at least allow another
attendee to "look over your shoulder") if necessary.

The Routing Registry Training Course is conducted in the English language
and is free of charge, since it is covered by the membership fee.

More information about the Routing Registry Training Course can be found


You can register for a Routing Registry Training Course at the following URL:

Or by completing the registration form at the end of this e-mail and
replying to <training at> . 
In order to register for a Routing Registry Training Course you must be an
employee of an LIR and either:
- be an LIR contact 
- be confirmed by an LIR contact

LIR contacts are those employees of an LIR who are registered with RIPE
NCC as authoritative contact persons.  

It is expected that most of those interested in the Routing Registry
Training Course will not be an authoritative contact person for their LIR,
and therefore will be, refused by the course registration "robot". 
In order to be admitted to the course, a confirmation e-mail must be sent
to <training at>.
Please approach the LIR contacts from your organisation personally, 
since the identity of LIR contacts is confidential, and the RIPE NCC is 
unable to divulge contact persons for any given LIR.

Kind Regards,
The RIPE NCC Training Team



	     Date:      Friday 12 December 2003
             Time:      0900 - 1700     
             Location:  Lisbon, Portugal

 	     Date:      Friday 9 January 2004
             Time:      0900 - 1700     
             Location:  London, United Kingdom

             Date:      Friday 6 February 2004
             Time:      0900 - 1700     
             Location:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

             Date:      Friday 5 March 2004
             Time:      0900 - 1700
             Location:  Rome, Italy




PART 1 - Registration
1) Your name
        Enter First name, Last name in full
        e.g. John Doe
             Mary-Beth Walton

        # NAME   [   ]

2) Your Registry ID (format: country-code.<name of registry>)

        # REG    [   ]

3) Your e-mail address

        # EMAIL  [   ]

4) Your NIC handle (optional)
	# NICHANDLE  [   ]

5) The course you plan to attend (date and location)

       # COURSE [   ]


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