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Revised GISD Charter

  • From:
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jul 94 15:09:46 IST

Dear GISD Members,

I hope to see many of you at the GISD Working Group meeting in Toronto
on Wednesday morning (27 July 1994) at 9:30.

I would like to propose a revised charter for the working group. The
major change is in the schedule of deadlines and milestones, as the
group will now be coming back to life after a period of inactivity.


David Sitman (new GISD chair)

Generic Internet Service Description (gisd)


 Current status: active working group

     David Sitman  <>

 Operational Requirements Area Director(s)
     Scott Bradner  sob@localhost
     Michael O'Dell  mo@localhost

 Mailing list(s):
     General Discussion:gisd-wg@localhost
     To Subscribe:      majordomo@localhost
                        in body of message:   subscribe gisd-wg

Description of Working Group:

The GISD Working Group will update and revise the GISD document.

The GISD document is a collection of short descriptions of different
aspects of Internet Service provision.  GISD is intended to provide an
overall picture of what is involved in providing an Internet service,
and it describes the ways that various issues are currently being
addressed by today's Internet service providers.  GISD is intended to
be a living document, with many contributors adding new material as
necessary.  The Internet is undergoing rapid changes at present and the
contents of GISD need to be updated regularly if it is to remain useful.
Current levels of change in technology and organisation of the Internet
are such that an update every six months is recommended.

The tasks of the GISD Working Group are:

- to update and revise the GISD document that lists the areas and aspects
  of interest to TCP/IP network service providers.

- to identify additional areas and aspects to be included in GISD.

- to identify areas of overlap with other IETF working groups.

- to create a reference document of GISD terms.

- to establish procedures to ensure the ongoing maintenance of the
  GISD document and identify an organization willing to take
  responsibility for it.

 Goals and Milestones:

   Jul 94 Review current GISD draft and add any additional areas and
          aspects felt essential.

   Dec 94 Prepare final draft of GISD and submit as Internet-Draft.

   Mar 95 Follow-up with final amendments and submit to RFC Editor for
          publication as an FYI RFC.


  No Current Internet drafts.

 Request For Comments:

  None to date.

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