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Draft copy of the minutes from the GISD working group

  • From: Tony Bates < >
  • Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1993 17:35:54 +0100
  • Cc:

Here follows the draft minutes from the GISD working group. Any comments please
let me know.



                DRAFT ******* DRAFT ******* DRAFT

  Minutes of the Generic Internet Service Description (gisd) WG
                held in Houston, Tx, 1st November 1993.


      Name                    E-mail
      Vikas Aggerwal          vikas@localhost
      Tony Bates              tony@localhost (Chair)
      Steve Blair             sblair@localhost
      Scott Bradner           sob@localhost
      Henry Clark             henry@localhost
      David Conrad            davidc@localhost
      Vince Fuller            vaf@localhost
      Gene Hastings           hastings@localhost
      Matt Hood               hood@localhost
      Jeanine Kamerdze        kamerdze@localhost
      Scott Kaplan            scott@localhost
      Sean Kennedy            liam@localhost
      Kim Long                klong@localhost
      Dan Magorian            magorian@localhost
      Bill Manning            bmanning@localhost
      Glenn Mansfield         glenn@localhost 
      Stephen Miller          smiller@localhost
      Pushpendra Mohta        pushp-m@localhost
      Scott Paisley           paisley@localhost
      Andrew Partan           asp@localhost
      Brad Passwaters         bjp@localhost
      Marsha Perrott          perrott@localhost
      Henry Sinnreich         hsinnreich@localhost
      Bernhard Stockman       boss@localhost
      Marten Terpstra         marten@localhost (Secretary)
      John Veizades           veizades@localhost
      Evan Wetstone           evanw@localhost
      Chris Wheeler           cwheeler@localhost

The Agenda

       0. Administrivia

       1. Brief overview of GISD
          o General Introduction
          o Status Report

       2. Discussion of FAQ

       3. Review of Areas and Aspects

       4. Call for volunteers

       5. AOB

Tony Bates gave a general overview.

        - GISD is aimed at Service providers
        - It collects short descriptions of IS aspects.
        - tries to make it easier to talk about IS
        - not a mandatory document
        - definitely something that is needed.

        - GISD is divided into areas
                - Access
                - Generic Services
                - Connectivity
                - Operations
                - Information Provision and Coordination
                - Security

There was a short discussion on focus.
        - Is it meant for users ? NO
        - Is it meant as a checklist ? NO
        - Is it a service profile ? No but could be in the future

An overview of the GISD structure was also given showing how GISD 
aspects are documented.
The general structure for each aspect is as follows:

                        See Also
                        Soap Box

Some concern was raised about the use of minimal/common/maximal in the sense
that this could cause some classification of SPs. However, the general view was
that in the the context of GISD it should be possible to word this in such a
way so as not to make this happen. The idea behind this is just to show the
options rather than to categorise but occasionally it is useful to show
different options.

The issue of "who or what constitutes an SP" was raised. The point is anyone
can call themselves a service provider but this is in fact not the issue of
GISD. The point behind GISD is to write a document so people know what
services an SP can potentially provide and how SPs should interact with each
other regarding these services.

Some people also see GISD as a direct template (i.e. a "tick the box" type of
document). Again, this is not the intention of GISD. However, it could be
possible at a later date to produce a template using the terminology
and list of aspects detailed in GISD.

Tony Bates gave a overview of the aspects themselves.

It was noted that "training" is becoming more of an issue for SPs to provide to
their customers and this could an aspect within the "Information and
coordination" area.

A status of the current draft was given.
Currently their are 38 aspects defined as a result of two previous IETF BoFs 
on the subject. Thus far only 8 aspects had been drafted and the intention is
to get members of the GISD group to draft some of these aspect.
A action was placed on Tony to produce a short GISD aspect guideline documents
giving details of the format required and an index of possible aspects still
needed to be drafted. The intention would be to work on the areas one at a
A basic overview of the process is as follows:

        Guideline Document (Format + index)
              Areas ----------------> Volunteers (select an aspect)
               /.\                         |
                |                          |
                |                          |
            All 6 areas drafted

A related idea was when sending the index of aspects out, to seek good
candidates for a certain topic outside of the working group.

Several people committed to writing aspects once they'd seen the guideline

The meeting concluded with the general consensus that the document should be
possible to come together for review by Seattle and final copy by Toronto.

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