Re: ERX TF - Process

Hi Håvard,

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 11:29:16PM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote: Re: Re: ERX TF - Process


>  o Some early registrations may have been used for further assignments to
>    different organizations, while others are "direct assignments" to
>    organizations.  In the case of further re-assignments, it may be the
>    case that these are not documented in the RIPE DB.  Will the early
>    registrations be subject to the same registration policies that the
>    later allocations done through the RIR system?  (...and if the decision
>    is that the policies should be aligned, can that be enforced...?)

In the past, when we have helped organisations transfer a
registration from the ARIN database to the RIPE database, 
we have been quite aware that the registrations pre-date the 
current policies. In most cases organisations have agreed to 
follow the current registration policies. However, it is worth 
bearing in mind that the transfers that have happened up until 
now were mostly for organisations who were concerned over 
registration data.

>  o The other relevant policy question relates to how this will influence
>    address allocatin policies by the RIR, if at all.

It's the RIR communities that set the policies - not the RIRs. 

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