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JANOG's English Page fully renewed

  • To: eof-list@localhost
  • From: "Masaru AKAI" akai@localhost
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 14:17:16 +0900

Dear EOF Colleagues,

Japan Network Operators' Group (JANOG) is a forum for network
operators in Japan and has been active since 1997. JANOG's
official language is Japanese, with biannual meetings in January
and July as well as its mailing list janog[at] .

JANOG has received numerous requests to make forum discussions
available to non Japanese speakers, as discussion topics in a
country with very high penetration ratio of broadband access,
especially FTTH, would be something different from others and
it is felt that other NOG groups could benefit if JANOG's
discussion were more widely shared.

JANOG volunteer members have been working together recently to
make JANOG content available in English in order that non
Japanese speakers can share it. This effort is going on through
Wiki on JANOG Server and available content is still very limited,
however we think that we have reached the initial stage to have
it released with a minimum set of content.

We are really delighted to announce that the JANOG English website
is now available from:

Please visit this site to see what is going on in JANOG.  Your
comments are most welcome for us to bring better content to
English Website.

Masaru AKAI, for JANOG i18n Team