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Re: The Cidr Report

At 09:47 AM 13/11/2004, Randy Bush wrote:
> ASnum    NetsNow NetsAggr  NetGain   % Gain   Description
> AS18566      751        6      745    99.2%   CVAD Covad Communications

are these numbers what i think, but hope not, they are?

e.g. is AS18566 the origin AS for 751 prefixes that could be
collapsed to 6?
yup - see http://www.cidr-report.org/cgi-bin/as-report?as=AS18566&view=4637

if not, then perhaps the report could use some work.
I'm more than happy to do further work on this report to improve its accuracy and helpfulness to the operator community, but in this case I'm not sure what such work would be, as I believe that the report is accurate about the potential level of prefix removal at a global BGP level.


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