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1st EOF in 2004: 26&27 January 2004

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  • Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 08:58:47 +0100
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A happy, prosperous and healthy 2004 to all of you!

The first EOF of the year will take place on the 
	26th and 27th of January in Amsterdam.

See .

We are seeking presentations, specifically from network operators for
this event.  The time schedule is tight this time:

	Monday, January 12th:   Definite Deadline for Submissions
	Thursday, January 15th: Publication of Preliminary Program
	Thursday, January 22nd: Publication of Final Progra
This leaves little time to puzzle out the programme; thus it is very
important that we receive complete abstracts this time. There will be
little time for communicating back and forth.  Obviously the earlier we
receive your abstract the more time there will be to work out any
details! To expedite things I have appended information about the 
format of abstracts here already.

General information about the EOF and the kind of presentations that
are appropriate can be found at .
This also provides a link to previous programs.

This time all RIPE working group chairs will be on the program
committee which can be reached at eof-coord@localhost. 

From suggestions we have already received I deduce that almost
everything is done in XML these days. Maybe we will publish
the program in XML as well. ;-)

Daniel Karrenberg 
(Animateur EOF)


EOF Abstracts

We place special emphasis on the abstract which should contain
references to related material already available if possible.  Please
send this to eof-coord@localhost. 

        - Author(s)
        - Speaker
        - (Working) Title
        - Abstract
        - Draft Presentation (if available)     
        - Relation to other known work and/or presentations if known
        - Time Requested

It would be helpful if the abstract was written such that potential
attenders will learn what to expect from the presentation, i.e.

"The presentation will describe our experiences with the
Red Packet Washer (  We have been using the
device for half a year now.  It helps us deliver more hygienic datagrams
to our customers and peers.  We will discuss problems with packet
discolouring as well as increased throughput to our upstreams due to
decreased clogging by dirty micrograms.  We will compare performance
with the hand-scrubbing of packets which we used previously.  Currently
we are optimising device management and getting bugs resolved.  We will
strive to include the latest experiences in our report."

is much better than

"The presentation will describe the Red Packet Washer made by
Network Detergents."

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