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INOC 2005 deadline is October 15th

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 15:52:01 +0200
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A message from Luis Gouveia:
Due to many requests and complains (it appears that the previous deadline coincides with heavy teaching time) we will extend the deadline for submission of abstracts to October 15th.
Let me remind you that INOC (   is the conference of the European Network Optimization Group ENOG (,-WS-European-WS-Network-WS-Optimization-WS-Group&parent=303) and that the aim of this conference is to bring together people from different disciplines (Operations Research, Graph Theory, and Queuing Theory) with a main focus on network optimization.
For this event we have been able to organize the following Plenary Sessions

- Andrs Frank, Etvs Lornd University, Budapest, Hungary "Algorithmic developments in graph connectivity"
- Martin Grtschel, Konrad-Zuse Institut, Berlin, Germany "Optimizing the radio interface in mobile telecommunication"

- Gilbert Laporte, Canada Research Chair in Distribution Management, HEC Montreal, Canada "Locating cycles in transportation and telecommunications networks"

- Thomas Magnanti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA  "Modeling and Solving Piecewise Linear (Network) Optimization Problems"
I would like to emphasize that although the submitted 4-6 page abstracts may contain a survey of completed work, we are also accepting abstracts referring to work still in progress. (In fact we strongly encourage the submission of such abstracts.)
Examples of such work in progress include:
1) development of a new (different) approach for a known problem
2) a promising approach for a new problem (or a new variation of a known problem) that needs further computer experimentation; while the authors may only have preliminary computational results to report by the end of this month (and the abstract deadline), more extensive testing is anticipated by the conference date.
In this way, we also encourage the presentation of work which will be (or has strong potential to be) quite current at the time of the conference.
With best regards, Luis Gouveia

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