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International Network Optimization Conference

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  • Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 12:23:36 +0100
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Call for Papers:
INOC2003 - International Network Optimization Conference
October 27-29, 2003  Evry/Paris, France
Organized by INT (Institut National des Télécommunications, France) and CNRS/SAMOVAR (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France)
Supported  by :
INFORMS (Section on Telecommunications),
GET (Groupe des Ecoles des Télécommunications)
France Telecom
Roadef (the French Operation Research Society)  
ITC (International Teletraffic Congress)
Information sciences and communication technologies are increasingly both a main focus and a major application of well-established
as well as emerging theories and techniques.
Examples are Operations Research, Graph Theory and Queueing Theory, in addition to Stochastic Search, to state just a few.
The aim of this conference is to bring together people from those disciplines with a main focus on network optimization.
Special attention will be given to the latest technologies and to the challenges encountered therein.
Topics include, but are not limited to :
-Issues : Clustering, Routing, Scheduling, Nomadicity/Mobility, Network Models, Network Performance, Network loading, Location, Traffic Engineering, Frequency Assignment, Information Retrieval, Network Planning, Pricing, Survivability, Reliability,
Uncertainty, Resources Allocation, Topological Design, Multi-layer Networks, Cryptography, Quality of service, online problems
-Tools : Distributed Algorithms, Graph Theory, Queueing Theory, Operations Research, Soft Computing, Integer Programming, Non-linear Programming, Measurement Techniques, Metaheuristics, Stochastic Models, Evolutionary Computation, Simulated
Annealing, Taboo Search, Simulation, Approximation algorithms
-Technologies : IP Networks, MPLS, TCP, Mobiles(3G,4G), ATM, Adhoc Networks, Wireless, Lower Layers, SONET/SDH, Optical Networks, Multimedia, World Wide Web
+++Important dates+++
Short Paper submission deadline:                      April 25, 2003
Notification of acceptance:                                July 14, 2003
Long Paper submission (optional):                     August 16, 2003
Submission of camera-ready short papers:         August 16, 2003
Deadline for early conference registration:          September 19, 2003
Conference:                                                     October 27-29, 2003
+++Program Committee+++
Ravindra Ahuja (University of Florida, USA), Kemal Altinkemer (Purdue University, USA), 
Monique Becker (INT-CNRS/SAMOVAR, France),Walid Ben-Ameur (INT-CNRS/SAMOVAR, France),
Daniel Bienstock (Columbia University, USA), Jacques Carlier (Université Technologie de Compiegne, France),
Prosper Chemouil (France Telecom, France), Robert Cooper (Florida Atlantic University, USA),
Geir Dahl (University of Oslo, Norway), Piet Demeester (Ghent University, Belgium),
Erol Gelenbe (University of Central Florida, USA), Eric Gourdin (France Telecom R&D, France),
Luis Gouveia (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal), Richard Harris (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia),
Gérard Hébuterne (INT-CNRS/SAMOVAR, France), Kaj Holmberg (Linkoping University, Sweden),
Olivier Hudry (Telecom Paris, France), Brigitte Jaumard (Université de Montreal, Canada),
Hervé Kerivin (University of Minnesota, USA), Paul J. Kuhn(University of Stuttgart, Germany),
Ali Ridha Mahjoub (Universite de Clermont II, France), Debasis Mitra (Lucent Bell-labs, USA),
Andrew M. Odlyzko (University of Minnesota, USA), Adam Ouorou (France Telecom R&D, France),
Alain Petrowski (INT-CNRS/SAMOVAR, France), Mario Pickavet (Ghent University, Belgium),
Michal Pioro (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland), Guy Pujolle (Université Paris VI, France),
Pierre Rolin (France Telecom R&D, France), Iraj Saniee (Lucent Bell-Labs, USA),
Marc Schoenauer (Ecole Polytechnique, France), Patrick Siarry (Université Paris XII, France),
Don Towsley (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Authors should submit a short paper (4 to 6 pages) to be publisehd in the conference proceedings (book format).
Authors of accepted short papers are invited to submit a longer version of their work to be published in a journal. More details will be given later.
+++Evaluation process+++
Papers will be evaluated for originality, significance, clarity, and soundness.
Each paper will be refereed by at least two researchers in the topic area.
The conference will be held in Evry (30Km south of Paris). Participants can stay either in Evry or in Paris.
More details on the conference web site
Walid Ben-Ameur (INT-CNRS/SAMOVAR, France, Conference Chair)
Mériéma Belaidouni (INT, France), Monique Becker (INT-CNRS/SAMOVAR, France),
Sandrine Bourguer (INT, France, Communication Assistant), Alain Petrowski (INT-CNRS/SAMOVAR, France, co-chair)
Hind Castel (INT, France), Tijani Chahed (INT-CNRS/SAMOVAR, France), Caroline Fayet (INT, France),
Eric Gourdin (France Telecom R&D, France), Gérard Hébuterne (INT-CNRS/SAMOVAR, France),
Hervé Kerivin (University of Minnesota, USA, co-chair), Chantal Lemaire (INT, France, Administration Assistant)
Abdallah M’HAMED (INT, France), Adam Ouorou (France Telecom R&D, France)
+++Social Events+++
Two dinners will be organized (one in Evry and one in Paris). Included in the conference fees.

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