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RE: DDoS tracking WG

>Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 00:17:45 +0100
>From: "Michael Hallgren" <m.hallgren@localhost
>... though, attempting to find an EU(rope) wide concensus of forum
>and effort would likely be more productive (?)
>My personal bet's on http://www.ripe.net/ripe/wg/eof ... in spite of being
>far from perfect.., being a potentially relevant (re-)starting point (?).


    I'm fully supporting your view here.  I also don't see a need for having
    just another open forum for Internet operators in Europe.  Let us use
    RIPE, its working groups and meetings for any relevant open discussions.
    Probably, and specifically, the EOF-WG needs a more active chairman
    again.  Sorry, Peter (LPL), I don't mean to blame you ;-)  Any
    volunteers ?
    Commenting on the "silence" on the WG lists:  well, if nobody is using
    them they hardly can quack, so come on, give them a chance ;-)
    A motivation for creating "something else" could be if you want, for
    whatever reason, to have (in addition) a _closed_ member forum (e.g.
    security, trust, confidentiality, budget), because RIPE _is_ OPEN by
    Kind regards

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