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Re: First user ENUM deployment from Romania (+40)

  • To: James Seng < >
    Adrian Georgescu < >
  • From: "Conroy, Lawrence (SMTP)" < >
  • Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 00:51:14 +0100

Hi James, folks,
...or it might be a corporate registration. We have a 1000 number block in the
UK ENUM system, with all but one of the numbers with an associated ENUM zone.
(hey - I want to test what happens when clients expect to find a zone but don't :).

I raise the question simply 'cos it seems to me that corporates are where the
money is, and so they're much more likely to make a "user" ENUM registration.
There been discussions in the UK (and in the US, IIRC) over whether or not these
corporate registrations should be individually delegated from the Tier 1 or
delegated out in a block that is then broken down by the corporate Registrant
(or their agents).

Romania joins the ranks of the clueful with an ->Official<- delegation and real
registrations, "tied in" to the global ENUM hierarchy and accessible anywhere.

I wonder when those ranks will include other larger countries or regions :).

all the best,

On 6 Jul 2004, at 23:48, James Seng wrote:
this likes more like an enum delegation to an operator then user enum as we know it. but hey, thats one great step forward :-)


Conroy, Lawrence (SMTP) wrote:
Hi again Adrian, folks,
Aha! The extra information helps :)
So this "User" ENUM deployment uses a block delegation, with a 10K number block.
Thus the lookup on "+403170" should be a lookup on "+4031710xxxx"
Is block delegation the standard choice in .ro?
all the best,

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