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RE: Ofcom VoIP Public Forum

  • To: "'Conroy, Lawrence (SMTP)'" < >
  • From: "Kennedy, Steve" < >
  • Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 17:05:54 -0000

> Hi Folks,
>    note the amusing bit - must NOT provide Emergency service, ...
> i.e. one can't provide even a partial outgoing service - VoIP
> users MUST be left to drown/burn/... without informing anyone,
> if incoming calls to them are provided via a number in the 056x range.
> I wasn't at the meeting, and looking at the discussion document
> I hadn't realised that this was the intention of the Regulator.

If you read the discussion paper it clearly states it.

> If that *was* stated at the meeting, then does this mean that,
> were it possible to connect to the emergency services centre
> by dialling out to 999 via a PSTN gateway (albeit without the
> emergency services knowing the correct geo-loc of the caller
> *automatically*), doing so would break the rules?


> Was it also stated that a non-PACS provider must NOT provide
> any of the other services under the normal obligations?
> Gosh!

Yup ... non PATS mustn't provide PATS services !!!

> I had thought that the original intention was that customers
> should KNOW that they were getting a service that MIGHT not
> provide all of the good things under the obligations *as they
> are normally defined*; not that partial provision was barred.
> I do so love Regulations.

Of course it's a "discussion" paper, and Ofcome have asked for responses
by the 24th and the are 15 questions that are at the end of the paper
they want directly answered.


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