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Re: RE : data point - anonymous E.164 number usage

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  • From: Jim Reid < >
  • Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 22:42:56 +0000
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>>>>> "Olivier" == Olivier Girard <Olivier.Girard@localhost writes:

    Olivier> Dear All, I think we should make a difference here. In my
    Olivier> opinion, the interest of validation in ENUM is not to
    Olivier> know WHO is owner of an E.164 number or WHO has the right
    Olivier> to use an ENUM domain name. The role of ENUM validation
    Olivier> is primarily the ensure that only the one who has the
    Olivier> right to use an E.164 number can use the associated ENUM
    Olivier> domain name. Nothing more.

Absolutely! There is a very subtle but important difference here and
you're right to underline it.

I think we're all guilty of being too loose with our terminology and
confusing identity with authentication and/or validation. The identity
of whatever it is that registers an E.164 number shouldn't matter. As
you say, it's proving that this entity has the right to use a given
E.164 number is what matters. Unfortunately that usually means
identifying this entity... :-)

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