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Re: [DENICenum-l] data point - anonymous E.164 number usage

  • To: Michael Haberler < >
  • From: Sabine Dolderer/Denic < >
  • Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 10:18:38 +0100
  • Cc:

Hello Michael,

On 26.02.2004 20:39 Michael Haberler mah@localhost wrote:
> In the context of validation of numbers for ENUM, I have tried to
> amount of mobile users which have totally anonymously bought a prepaid
> card, or in other words, users of E.164 numbers which have no trace at
all in
> phonebook or other records.
> In the EU, all countries except Germany, Hungary and Italy permit totally

> anonymous purchase of prepaid SIM cards.

interestingly in Germany the federal administartive court has decided in
October 2003 that the storage of customer data for prepaid customers is
illegal. More on this issue (in German only),0976e07365617263685f646973706c6179436f6e7461696e6572092d0933353031/8o.html

> This indicates that about 65% of the
> EU population have access to anonymous mobile service (even in Italy,
just a
> taxpayer code is needed which is not subscriber data but allows to track
> user for law enforcement - but lets leave that out for the sake of
> France I understand a record is made for purposes of recovering a lost
> but not for proof of identity).
> There are about 400 Million mobile users in Europe, and penetration of
> is about 40%. Assuming that nobody registers if he doesnt have to, and
> multiplying those figures a ballpark estimate is that there are about 100

> Million E.164 numbers in use in Europe without any subscriber data just
> the use of prepaid SIM cards.
> -Michael
Viele Gr��e
Sabine Dolderer

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D-60329 Frankfurt

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