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FW: ETSI ENUM Workshop Invitation and Registration

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 10:33:18 +0100

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Since the original mail bounced back due to many recpients,
a second try
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From: Stastny Richard
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Subject: ETSI ENUM Workshop Invitation and Registration

Dear Colleagues,
as already discussed at the last IETF meeting with Patrick Guillemin from ETSI, the ETSI Plugtest Service is looking
to hold a Plugtest event mid 2004.
In order to ensure that such an event brings the maximum benefit to those who participate, a two
day workshop will be held on 24-25 February at the ETSI premisis in Sophiy Antipolis, France.
This workshop is open to anybody interested in technical interoperability of ENUM.
For more information on the scope and content of the workshop and also to register,
see the following links:

To anybody receiving this mail and especially to my friends in Asia:

please feel free to distribute this invitation locally and to anybody else

you think may also be interested.

best regards

Richard Stastny

25 Years of experience in Telecommunications
Richard Stastny Arsenal Objekt 24
Vienna 1103
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