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Re: ENUM and unsolicited messages

  • To: Tim Chown < >
  • From: Jim Reid < >
  • Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 08:38:19 +0000

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Chown tjc@localhost writes:

    Tim> The UK TPS has been damn good too.  Cut my crank calls from
    Tim> 4-5 per week to nil, for the last few months.  But wait till
    Tim> a significant percentage is registered then see what
    Tim> happens...

The TPS only works with reputable telemarketers, if that's not an
oxymoron. The unscrupulous ones don't use the TPS lists and will call
you regardless. Going ex-directory won't help either as most of these
scumbags use auto-diallers. So you'll still get annoying sales calls.
Short of making this an election issue, there will be nothing you can
do about that as the authorities are washing their hands of the

I suppose ENUM could make it easier for telemarketers. They'll be able
to trawl the DNS for active phone numbers and so reduce the search
lists for their auto-diallers. And if they can use VoIP/SIP to save
money by not making conventional phone calls, this will mean there
will be even more opportunities for telemarketing. These will probably
be for other things like SMS as well as voice.

For the benefit of readers outside the UK, TPS is an opt-out list
maintained by some trade association for telemarketers.

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