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Re: Privacy and security issues

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  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 16:00:50 +0100

Hi Folks,
At 10:34 am -0400 16/10/03, Richard Shockey wrote:
<snip 'whois considered boring/crisp is the answer'/nation-state-issue>
and as the draft below indicates .. if you read carefully ... 1. this is a opt in system ..but 2. the use of SIP actually enhances consumer privacy by giving direct control of voice communications back to the end user and not the incumbent carrier and creates new and dynamic competitive forces in the market that can and IMHO will respond quickly to the privacy needs and requirements of consumers ...unlike some incumbent carriers we are familiar with.
Note that by "end user", we mean here the callee/registrant ONLY, as the
SIP provider approach is focused on executing callee policy. There is no
useful negotiation here. Remember that the caller is also a consumer, and
may be the one who pays for a call, so "SIP" is not a magic bullet.

Overarching privacy concerns seem obsolete anyway - after all, it's just you, me,
and the NSA (and, in the UK, the local trading standards department, their dog, ...).

all the best,
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