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Re: Privacy and security issues

  • To: Amelia Effendi < >
  • From: John C Klensin < >
  • Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 20:32:56 -0400


Let me respond to part of this...

--On Thursday, 16 October, 2003 10:24 +1000 Amelia Effendi s9912645@localhost wrote:

Hi all,

in regards to ENUM implementation, issues like privacy and
security cannot be avoided. the concern arise on what should
be contained in the WHOIS and Tier 2 NAPTR record. With WHOIS,
MAYBE to only allow a certain eligible people to access the
record by having PIN number and password?
You had best take a look at the definition of Whois, in RFC 954. PIN numbers and/or passwords aren't going to work there, or will provide only worse-than-symbolic security. If you want to start talking about selective access to the information, you need to think in terms of some more advanced protocol or database technology. I'd suggest that you go to
and start reading the documents cited there as an introduction to some of the possibilities and issues.


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