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RE: ITU's H.350 and ENUM

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There has not been any SG2 involvment to date in anything I have just read.

But I can assure you that there will be now.

Gary Richenaker
Telcordia Technologies
Tel: 973 829 4305

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From: Richard Shockey [
] Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 10:06 AM To: Stastny Richard; Carsten Schiefner; enum-trials@localhost Cc: enum-trial@localhost grichena@localhost sdlind@localhost Subject: RE: ITU's H.350 and ENUM At 03:51 PM 9/10/2003 +0200, Stastny Richard wrote: >Hi folks, >There is really something very wierd going on. I took some time to dig >into and found >the following info: Really ... Gary Steve was there any SG2 input to this thing ... this is totally wierd that a ITU WG would propose a totally different numbering scheme here in conflict with E.164 principals.. . Of course ,u initial reaction here was A. this is H.323 ... as in , so what. OK I'm a SIP bigot .. B. a X.500 like directory .. been there done that , a guaranteed loser. >ViDeNet (Video Developing Network) is setting up the so-called "H.323 >Global Dialling Scheme (GDS)". > >This is currently a wild mixture >of a private numbering and dialing plan, containing of > international access code '00', also called >THE WORLD GATEKEEPER PREFIX (very bombastic) >2.the E.164 Country code (the real one) >3. An organisational prefix?? (OP) -choose what you like e.g: (Many >national research organizations follow the telephone number system in >their country and use their area code and organizational telephone >exchange prefix. For instance, SURFnet's OP is 302305. > Endpoint Number (EN) > >This is all set up by a Numerical Addressing Space Management Team >Working Group (NASM) and implemented in a ViDeNet Root Level >Architecture set up with Gatekeepers. > >At least ENUM and DNS is mentioned in the scope of NASM > >NASM is responsible the management of ViDeNet numerical address space. >This group designs the numerical address space and supporting routing >schemes, including E.164int integration, hierarchical and flat structures, >with particular emphasis on the root level and top tier architectures. Of >particular importance is the alignment of existing h.323 addressing to >E.164-like structures, in order to prepare the way for an eventual >migration toward full DNS-based dialing, ENUM and related numerical >address translation schemes. > >Sofar ITU-T SG16: > >At the same time SG13 is sending a liasion to SG2 AND SG16: (TD122 (WP >1/2) Liasion on Videoconferencing Networks. attached to SG13 Documents: >COM 13 - D353 (WP 2/13) - A proposal for launching research on >videoconferencing services network >COM 13 - D356 (WP2/13) - Draft recommendation of a general description of >videoconferencing services networks >both from China Telecom and Huawei Technologies. > >In D356 a numbering plan is proposed (at least not containing an World >Gatekeeper Access code :-) and also not a choose as you like >Organizational Prefix, but instead an domestic access code. >(Regulators, watch out and free up some domestic numbering space, to >profide space for 100 Million H.323 Video terminals per country - and >the same for SIP). Hey, what about technology independance? At least >this proposal could be compatible with E.164 > >Both ideas are quite new, because neither a prefix nor an acces code >can be part of an E.164 number. > >I attach below some excepts what I found sofar: > >have fun > >I consider this development at least very interesting in context with >ENUM curious but fundamentally irrelevant..IMHO /09/04.html#a174 Regards, >Regards, > > -C. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Richard Shockey, Senior Manager, Strategic Technology Initiatives NeuStar Inc. 46000 Center Oak Plaza - Sterling, VA 20166 sip:rshockey(at) ENUM +87810-13313-31331 PSTN Office +1 571.434.5651 PSTN Mobile: +1 703.593.2683, Fax: +1 815.333.1237 <mailto:richard(at)> or <mailto:richard.shockey(at)> <> ; <> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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