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In the interest of furthering ENUM trial efforts etc

  • From: Richard Shockey < >
  • Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 11:37:19 -0400

I'm pleased to report that the latest beta firmware for the SNOM 200 SIP VoIP phone now supports RFC 2916 transparently.

What this means is that I simply dial the ENUM enabled E164 number from the key pad of the SNOM phone as if I were making a international call from North America as in

011,87810 xxxxx xxxxx

It translates the number into the FQDN, preforms the look up into, finds the enumservice field for SIP, processes the regexp and establishes a SIP session based on the URI and displays the URI in the LED display of the phone.

all in about 400-600 MS based on a number of calls I've made.

If there is no response from DNS to the query it makes the assumption that the call is on PSTN and submits the call to the registered sip proxy for processing assuming that phone=yes in the To: field.

the calls btw were on a 1.5/380 ADSL line and flawless even with my wife on line at the same time.

I'm sure both lists would be interested in other products that support ENUM directly etc.

Richard Shockey, Senior Manager, Strategic Technology Initiatives
NeuStar Inc.
46000 Center Oak Plaza - Sterling, VA 20166
sip:rshockey(at) ENUM +87810-13313-31331
PSTN Office +1 571.434.5651 PSTN Mobile: +1 703.593.2683, Fax: +1 815.333.1237
<mailto:richard(at)> or <mailto:richard.shockey(at)>
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