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The Asterisk IP PBX and ENUM - tutorial slides

The Austrian Internet Foundation has funded Digium to add ENUM to the Linux-based Open Source PBX, Asterisk (see www.asterisk.org and www.digium.com).

With a PC and an ISDN card you can build a PSTN, SIP and H.323 capable ENUM-aware PBX system, which is an excellent vehicle for getting aquainted with ENUM (and do least-cost rouiting, while at it). Such a system was used during the IETF 57 Demonstration in Vienna (http://enum.nic.at/documents/AETP/Presentations/Austria/0017-2003-07_ENUM-Demo_ietf57.ppt).

I will give a talk on Asterisk & ENUM at tomorrow's RIPE tutorial in Amsterdam. It is intended to convey a basic understanding how Asterisk works, and how to configure a PBX with ENUM.

The slides are at: http://enum.nic.at/documents/AETP/Presentations/Austria/0021-2003-08-The_Asterisk_IP_PBX_and_ENUM.ppt

-Michael Haberler

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