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Re: FW: ENUM test registrar operational

  • To: "FOUQUART Philippe FTRD/DAC/ISS" < >
  • From: Alexander MAyrhofer < >
  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 11:20:20 +0100

On (27.02.03 11:04), FOUQUART Philippe FTRD/DAC/ISS wrote:
> I think we're all aware that initiatives outside the so-called golden
> tree can't be prevented but I didn't understand Marco's point this way.
> I have indeed the same difficulty in understanding how we can on one
> hand promote "interoperability of European ENUM trials" and on the other
> set up something that can jeopardise consistency of Enum data in these
> trials.
> Could you please clarify?

Sure. Here we go:

- Our final target is to provide registration in the "golden tree".
- is for _testing_ purposes. Scenarios could include:
  - Client developers without access to a "golden tree" ENUM domain
  - Client developers without access to their own nameservers
  - Client developers in countries where no local trial has been
    established yet.
- The interface should be considered as an "example registrar". We will
  open up the software to the public when it's stable. Our primary
  target is not to become registrar (we are busy enough as registry), but to
  enable other parties to become registrars.

We haven't  discussed that yet, but we could even think about ceasing service when the "golden tree" has finally established and can
be populated (which is, once again, our primary target).

It's not about jeopardising, it's about speeding things up: Making it
possible to test ENUM clients without doing the heavyweight registration
process in the "golden tree". Plus, motivating other parties to
participate as registrar.

Again, it is for _testing_, but we will provide registration to the
"golden tree" at least for via the same interface. That
provides seamless migration from the "testing" environment to the
production environment (BUT: you have to validate your number then of
coursem, and it only applies to +43 numbers, other cc's tbd.)

if anything is still unclear i'm happy to discuss that. You can give me
a call at +43 1 4095576 44.



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