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Re: ENUM test registrar operational

  • To: "bill" < >
    "Marco Bernardi" < >
  • From: Michael Haberler < >
  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 10:45:12 +0100

well yes, but if you are fiddling with software and need NAPTR records to play with, this is the place to play. Once o is not intended to be used for boxes in the real-world trials. The software developers involved in the 43 trial liked the idea.

Next is adding validation according to local (+43) trial rules , that will result in entries in the golden tree - also after some more rigid checking.


btw: the way Axel did it any NAPTR record entered shows up in the DNS IMMEDIATELY (no timer-driven reloads and waiting!).

At 17:26 27.02.2003 +0800, bill wrote:

Is there any necessity to set up such a domain for ENUM trial? It is
not in the golden tree, I think.


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