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RE: ENUM trials in general

  • From: Michael Haberler < >
  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 13:05:09 +0100

At 12:53 25.02.2003 +0100, Stastny Richard wrote:

Michael wrote:
> maybe a "DIR" record? or

is there an applicable ENUM NAPTR
> record which can
> be abused to provide the directory pointer information?

e.g. ENUMservice web:http

* IN NAPTR 10 10 "E2U+web:http" "!^.*$!!"; .

is pointing to the Austrian directory service.

So if you enter a nonexisting number you may at least get
the pointer to the directory service.


well, that would solve the "nonexistent number" problem, and would probably be good practice.

What I'm thinking of is an automated way to collate server information via a convention in the enum DNS tree, and use this information to generate a web page.

Like: design a script which walks the tree to the cc level, looking for the magic records - the whois SRV RR, and the - yet unknown - directory SRV RR (or appropriate NAPTR record at the cc level.

This script automatically adds two columns ("whois" and "directory") to, for instance, with links to the respective information services for each prefix. Fully automatic, total coverage, and opt-in for both services.


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