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AW: ENUM trials in general

At 09:39 PM 1/10/2003 -0500, Richard Shockey wrote:

>>Dear colleagues,
>I'm wondering if some kind soul might take on the responsibility of
>compiling a phone book of  E.164 numbers operating under e164.arpa.
>If we are going to trial things ... it might helpful to find other numbers
>and services to contact and test against.


As as start, try http://enum.nic.at/list.asp 

But I think we surely can arrange something, will think about it.

>So If decide I want to have a late nite chat with someone I can.

>Richard Stastny ??? :-)  Now do you have a sip phone at home I can reach? :-)

No, I have only a h323 phone ;-)
Ok, I confess, I have also a SIP phone on my laptop. Problem is, you cant reach me 
at home because I have not yet solved my NAT problem, but I am working on it
(provided I have time ,-(
Little night chat? My time or your time?

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