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Re: Enquiry: About Singapore's ENUM domain ""

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  • From: Carsten Schiefner < >
  • Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 15:09:33 +0200
  • Organization: RIPE Network Coordination Centre

Dear Lim Hsueh Wei,

I can answer your questions as following:

LIM_Hsueh_Wei@localhost wrote:
> [...]
> Assuming that ITU-T SG2 has approved the delegation of the above
> ENUM domain, I would like to find out :
>    whether there is any fees tied to the delegation of ENUM domain
>    from RIPE NCC ;

No - at this moment, there are no fees attached to the delegation
of an E.164 code as an ENUM domain. However, the RIPE NCC reserves
the right to charge per delegation in the future, based on an evalu-
tion of the ressources needed.

>    the validity period tied to the delegation of the ENUM domain
>    zone;

In general, there is no expiry date attached to the delegation of
an ENUM domain. However, ITU-T TSB reserves the right to object to
the delegation any time in the future, whenever and after ITU-T SG2
revokes its approval.

>    the timeframe given to the organisation, being delegated the
>    ENUM domain, to set up the ENUM domain.

The population of a certain ENUM domain is a pure national matter
and therefore completely up to the delegate. The only requirement
the RIPE NCC has before technically delegating the domain is the
set of name servers given in the request to serve the zone consis-
tently and authoritatively.

I hope this has given some clarity to your questions.

Kind regards,

Carsten Schiefner
External Relations

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