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request for zones

  • From: "mgomri oumara" < >
  • Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 14:48:31 +0400
  • Cc: < >

It has come to our attention that French telecommunications authorities have made applications to RIPE NCC for delegation of several E.164 geographic Country Code from the ENUM Tier 0 registry to enable ENUM trials. One of the applications involves E.164 CC 269.
I would want to remind you that E.164 country code 269 is assigned by ITU to the Comoros Islands ( former R�publique F�d�rale Islamique des Comores, now Union des Comores) and Mayotte, the fourth Comorian Island, under French control, use a part of this code (269.6).
So, we are aware that procedures do not yet exist for ITU-T to approve these delegations request, but regardless, we must insist that you reject this request

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