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application for the Delegation of

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  • Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 09:11:22 +0100

The ITU Telecommunications Standardization Bureau (TSB) objects to this
request because no approval for delegation of the code 44 has yet been
received from the concerned country, the United Kingdom.
According to information received by TSB, it does not appear that the
requestor is the organization that might in the future receive approval for
a delegation by the United Kingdom.
Until formal approval is given in writing by the Director of TSB, no
delegation should take place for this code. 
Richard Hill

Richard Hill
Counsellor, TSB SG2
International Telecommunication Union
Place des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 20
tel: +41 22 730 5887
FAX: +41 22 730 5853
Email: richard.hill@localhost
Study Group 2 email: tsbsg2@localhost

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