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Re: *IX administrative and technical frameworks discussion paper.

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Mar 1994 07:35:03 -0500
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Wed, 02 Mar 94 11: 42:58 +0100.
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 94 07:35:02 EST
Sender: sgoldste@localhost

The message I received from Dave Morton  said:

> >Reading quickly over Bernhard's draft, it appears that he is 
> >(quite understandably) guided by the experiences, both good
> >and bad, of the Ebone saga.  It may be well for those outside
> >the Ebone forest to look at some of the trees and see how
> >applicable they are to other forests.  In other words, as
> >regards things like 1-year minimum commitment/6-month notice
> >to quit, did this come from Ebone experience, and is it
> >sufficiently general to apply anywhere?
> Steve,
> Perhaps - but I would imagine Bernhard might be thinking more
> of the disruption that might otherwise occur if changes were

Sure.  He may be thoroughly on-target.  It is just that as I read
the draft, I recognized the lessons of Ebone, and I wondered if 
there were similar, but perhaps not altogether identical, experiences
that should be consulted for the design, also.
> talking place every few weeks.
> >from non-European prospectives to check for universality.

Based on lead-times with carriers, I would recommend greater_than
6 months' notice to quit.  More like a year.  If possible.  And, based
on that, 2-year minimum commitment.  Again, if possible.  --SG
> Understand. What timeframes would you think appropriate ?
> >cheerz,
> >
> >Steve G.
> Dave
> PS: I wonder why you refer to EBONE as a saga :- it's still around !
sa*ga n.

1.a. A prose narrative usually written in Iceland between 1120 and 1400, 
dealing with the families that first settled Iceland and their descendants, 
with the histories of the kings of Norway, and with the myths and legends 
of early Germanic gods and heroes. 

b. A modern prose narrative that resembles a saga.  

2. A long, detailed report: recounted the saga of their family problems. 
[Old Norse. 

Given the venue and *all* the players, and ignoring for the moment
the timing, isn't 1.a reasonably appropriate?  For that matter, 1.b and
2 apply, too ,yes?  (^_^)

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