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Re: Services Operations WG

  • From: (Ran Atkinson)
  • Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 09:21:49 EST

	One reason that I will not be a consumer of X.400 services in
the near term is that I simply will not pay on a per message basis for
gatewaying or using email.  If the X.400--SMTP gateways all are costed
services and if the pricing is too high, then customers will simply
not use X.400 and will migrate to SMTP.

	Gateways, however, are just not that hard to setup.  NRL
Network Operations set one up in their (not very copious) spare time
and hooked it into our NRL whois server so we can receive X.400 email
from folks who don't have SMTP.  The gateway was neither so hard nor
so expensive to operate that I believe it should be a separate


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