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Re: Services Operations WG

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  • From: (Ran Atkinson)
  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 94 13:38:10 EST
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% Are you sure this is a correct assumption?  Participation in IEPG is as far
% as I know open.

No it is not fully open.  

  Only "service providers" may participate in IEPG.  All others, including
campus-level or corporate network operations people are excluded.  It
is not fully open in the sense that anyone may participate.  For example,
the NRL Network Operations folks (who manage a large network with sites in
3-4 different US states) cannot participate.

% > ...
% >     - propose practices and methods for efficient fault isolation and
% >       recovery as well as coordinated information dissemination in the
% >       area of network management.

  Regrettably IEPG participation isn't open to network operations folks who 
aren't commercial or national service providers.  Many of the best ideas I've
seen on fault management, network integrity, and network management
have come from corporate/campus network operations folks.  

  Development of all of the widely used network management technology 
(e.g. SNMP, SNMPv2) has happened within the IETF.  This is not a restrictive 
statement in that other folks could certainly develop such technology, 
but the successfully deployed technology happens to have all come from 
the IETF.  Getting more/better input from network operations folks 
(broad definition, not just limited to "service providers") into the 
technology development processes is, IMHO, important.


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