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Re: NEW *BETA* release RIPE database: ripe-dbase-1.1beta.tar.gz

 RIPE Database Manager ripe-dbm@localhost writes:
  *   So what are the OS's that we know that work with the RIPE database:
  *   - SUNOS
  *   - BSDI
  *   - Linux
  *   And that don't work:
  *   - Solaris
  *   (Please inform me with you own results so that I can update this list!)
We run under Solaris. SunOS 5.4 to be precise. I added in support to
whoisd to run under Solaris including a mod to perl (I sent you the
details long time ago, not sure I still have them). The major thing is
to get the perl build correct (flock needs to be added in so you need
the ucb stuff) but once that's done you are ready to go.


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