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  • Date: Wed, 17 Jan 96 11:02:59 +0100

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     Dear colleagues,
     due to other business duties I will not be able to attend RIPE23 and 
     organize a Connectivity WG session. Please accept my appologies.
     I hereby attach unreviewed minutes from the CWG session at RIPE22. 
     These minutes have been provided by Keith Mitchel. Thanks a lot.
     Sorry for the delay.
     Have a nice RIPE meeting.
     See you next time
     Best regards
     Milan Sterba
     RIPE 22 Connectivity Working Group, 12-Oct-95 
     Chair: Milan Sterba milan_sterba@localhost Minutes: 
     Keith Mitchell, keith@localhost
     1. Internet Demography in CEE
     Table of CEE connectivity presented - hosts, telephones per capita etc 
     Poland and Czech Republic, then Hungary, have significantly highest 
     host counts.
     CEE hosts 4.6% of European.
     Highest hosts per 1000 population CZ, EE. HU, SI - not far behind 
     France. (High German figures queried.)
     Hosts and phone lines per 1000 pop. figures compared - some countries 
     have significant potential (BG, LV, LT).
     Growth in (host count ?) - highest BG, SI, UA.
     Another metric is hosts per SOA - range is ~20-100.
     Number of SOAs - highest is Poland.
     Hosts/GDP per capita (1991 figures).
     Request for feedback/suggestions on usefulness/scope of figures.
     2. Per Country Updates
     Armenia - 64k satellite to Moscow State Univ.
     Bulgaria- connected to AConet in Vienna, and US (64k sat, 2x9.6k 
     Czechia - CESnet (DANTE Amsterdam, Ebone Vienna) 2x512k
     - EUnet CZ (256k)
     - IBM
     - PVT 64k to PIPEX by end 95.
     - SPT Telecom announcement.
     Cyprus  - 64k to Hellas On-Line and PIPEX
     Hungary - IIF association (formerly SZTAKI)
     - HBONE: 128k DANTE, 256k Ebone
     - all traffic through Budapest
     - PTT Matav putting in 2M circuit to Vienna, 1M for HBONE,
     1M for commercial resale
     - EUnet HU 64k
     - Datanet 128k to Sprint (sat)
     - iSYS 64k to PIPEX
     - Odin VSAT disconnected from PIPEX due to non-payment - Also 
     Compuserve, IBM, MSN activity
     Baltics - Plans for big NATO civilian programme to connect
     "co-operation partners" up for scientific projects
     - Looking for NATO country-based partners to help
     connect these countries.
     Lebanon - X.25 connection to BTnet
     - Planned PIPEX connection
     - INCOnet to MCI via US ?
     Malta   - Planned 128k to PIPEX London
     Poland  - NASK is major provider: 2M to Stockholm, 256k Ebone Vienna,
     64k FREEnet Moscow, 64k Luv Ukraine.
     - EUnet PL to Germany
     - Polish PTT, Telbank and ATM are NASK resellers.
     - Minsk in Belarus connecting to PTT (funding problem ?). - More info 
     at &
     Romania - DANTE 9.6k.
     - Ebone 64k satellite Vienna.
     - EUnet RO to Amsterdam
     - SIPEX 19.2k VSAT to PIPEX via BankNet in Budapest.
     Russia  - Two-tier hiercharchy emerging:
     - National ISPs - EUnet/Relcom, Demos, Sovam, Runnet. - Small regional 
     ISPs - some connected to >1 national - International connectivity:
     EUnet/Relcom 512k Helsinki
     Demos       128k Amsterdam
     RoSprint     64k SprintLink (sat)
     SOVAM        64k BARRnet/BBN (sat)
     Runnet      128k RENATER
     Radio-MSU   512k DFN
     FREEnet      64k NASK and 64k MCI
     RUSnet       64k FUnet
     - RIPN group getting together to plan some kind of national
     backbone, RBnet. Interconnect point at Moscow 9 major telephone 
     exchange "M9-IX" being set up.  Idea is to
     set up similar exchange points in other major cities and connect them.
     Yugoslavia (former) = Serbia+Montenegro
     - Academic network YUnet currently not connected to Internet - 1200 
     hosts, 2 Class Bs
     - Analogue circuits between cities, 64k within Belgrade.
     Slovakia - SANET academic network: 128k to CESnet, 128k to Ebone
     - EUnet SK: 64k to EUnet
     - 64k Bratislava to Vienna costs 9000DM/month for 60km
     (more than transatlantic circuit !).
     - More info at &
     - Inbound traffic only 1.5 times outbound traffic.
     3. Who are the Absent ?
     How do we encourage new providers to attend - discussion.
     4. CDS Seminar
     Connectivity Data Store - invitation to providers to add links to/from 
     5. Refocus - who we are, what we do.
     Group's main important function is information exchange.

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