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  • Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 09:48:49 +0100
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Subject: Re: An intention to organise a CEENet Networking Workshop. Call for 
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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 04:06:53 +0100
From: gajewski@localhost
Subject: An intention to organise a CEENet Networking Workshop. Call for

Dear Sirs,

   It is my pleasure to announce the strong intention of the Central and
European Network Association (CEENet) to organise a Networking Workshop in
This issue will be discussed during the special session of the CEENet
Assembly meeting to be held in Budapest on October 14-15th. I do hope that
a positive decision about organising the Workshop will be taken.

   The purpose of this mail is not only to inform you about our intention
but I would also appreciate your opinions on the specific issues listed
below. This will allow us to organise it according to your wishes, concerns,
expectations etc., which I feel to be my duty after what some of you
asked me in Prague. 

Sincerely yours,
Jacek Gajewski         Gajewski@localhost
CEENet Secretary

PS. Due to overlapping mailing lists some of you may get this mail twice.
    I am very sorry about that. Please, do forgive me.
PS. Jill     - please, post it to "Navigation Track" mailing list
    Marieke  - please, post it to eastern european list   
    Jonathan - please, post it to "World Bank" listserv.
The answers given below are my very first and very private ideas.
Please, DO NOT FEEL BONDED by them in ANY SENCE !!! 
Proposed location:                      
                                    Institute of Experimental Physics
                                    Warsaw University, Poland 
Proposed time:                
                                    February or June 1995  (student
Proposed number of participants:
                                    ~ 100 atendees + ~10 trainers/speakers 
Proposed cost per participant:
                                    ~ $950/atendee; ~ $1450/trainer  
Proposed duration of conference:
                                    7 days (5 day of lectures,
                                            1 day for social events,
                                            1 day for arrival/departure)
Proposed form: Training Workshop 
          or rather a Conference
Proposed itinerary -- 
          What training offered,
                                    Network Technology
                                    Network Management & Policy
          what type of displays, 
                                    Internet services 
                                    SLIP/PPP connections
          topics of discussions, etc..
                                    I do not dare to limit your creativity
Proposed structure -- 
         Plenary sessions,
                                    Last afternoon: Country by country
                                    and panel discussion   
         working groups, etc.
                                    2 groups:
                                    Network Technology 
                                    Network Management & Policy
Proposed equipment on location
                                    Amphithetricall hall with tele-beam &
                                    2 class rooms with:  ~10 PC's each 
                                                          Internet connected
                                                         PC +LCD +overh. pr.
                                    any number of class rooms with overh.
                                    ~ 10 e-mail terminals at Institute
                                    ~ 10 e-mail terminals at hotel
Proposed speakers, trainers, atendees etc...
                                    Geoff Huston, Jill Foster, Anne Villems,
                                    Oliver Popov, Ireneusz Neska, Wojtek
                                    ??? - Please do help me ...             

Proposed selection process,
                                    Having received from the sponsors the 
                                    estimates of their contribution an 
                                    Organising Committee will choose
                                    the candidates. Each sponsor will be
                                    granted to send some people according 
                                    to his own selection criteria, on
                                    the level of, say, 15-20% of sponsored
                                    places. The sponsors will be asked
                                    to formulate their wishes concerning
                                    the selection process and informed 
                                    about the result of the selection.
Proposed billing and logistics process,
                                    Tickets will be bought by Organizing
                                    Committee and send to attendees (in
                                    case of late selection a possibility
                                    of ticket reimbrusment will exist).
                                    Hotel & breakfest will be paid
                                    centrally. Situation with lunch
                                    is not yet clear. Attendees will 
                                    be given enough pocket money 
                                    to pay their dinners and social
                                    events. A free bus will bring
                                    the attendees from hotel to
                                    the Institute and back.
Proposed sponsors,
                                    CEENet and its member organisations,
                                    KBN - State Committee for Scientific 
                                                       Research, Poland.
                                    NASK - Research and Academic Networks
                                                       in Poland.
                                    Soros Foundations,
                                    World Bank 
                                    European Community: DG13 and DG3
                                    Internet Society
                                    DANTE, EBONE, NORDUNET
                                    Commercial Network providers,
                                    Commercial Software/Hardware vendors:
                                               - DEC 
                                               - Schrack Erikson, 
                                               - ..., ??
Any other question, which you regard important. 

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