[connect-bof] interconnection registration etc.

Carsten Schiefner ripe-wgs.cs at schiefner.de
Wed Oct 23 11:53:45 CEST 2013

Thanks, Andy -

On 23.10.2013 10:58, Andy Davidson wrote:
>> [...]
>> If so: what is their regulation (efforts) that might affect
>> interconnection as you mention ARCEP explicitly?
> https://ripe64.ripe.net/presentations/103-RIPE_64_ARCEP_panel.pdf
> https://ripe64.ripe.net/presentations/104-2012-04-16_-_ARCEP's_decision.pdf

seems that this has entirely disappeared from my memory... :-/

> tl;dr = Registration of interconnections may be required.  Industry says that this would be a huge disincentive to peer.  Be (possibly) afraid.

So it seems that this is in force now. Are there any first evaluations 
available on the impact on peering within France as well as between 
operators in France and other countries? As I have not been able to find 

Thanks and best,


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