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Carsten Schiefner ripe-wgs.cs at schiefner.de
Wed Oct 23 10:44:56 CEST 2013

Hi Mike,

On 22.10.2013 21:59, Mike Hughes wrote:
> On 22 October 2013 14:47, Stefan Wahl <swa at ecix.net
> <mailto:swa at ecix.net>> wrote:
>     Why:
>      > —* Regulation and the Internet
> I think this was more about how regulation might affect interconnection
> - e.g. ARCEP.

I'd assume that you have "Autorité de Régulation des Communications 
Électroniques et des Postes" in mind for the acronym ARCEP - the French 
independent administrative Authority in charge of Post and Electronic 

If so: what is their regulation (efforts) that might affect 
interconnection as you mention ARCEP explicitly?

Thanks & best,


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