[connect-bof] Peering

Gordon Lennox gordon.lennox.13 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 21:35:35 CET 2013

People I have worked with in the past have viewed peering as something primitive, something akin to barter. I don't agree and I strongly don't agree. But maybe why I personally don't agree is for another time.

But if people want to change that initial perception then maybe AS3320 is not the best target right now.

What about the European Commission? 

In some ways they are a politically important, highly visible, not-for-profit "ISP". In these times they should be looking to reduce costs by peering. If they are then it should be made known. If they are not then the question could be put.

I remember also being told they had an interesting chunk of v4 space. I am not sure whether they have applied for v6 space.


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