[connect-bof] Germany and Dtag has some funny ideas http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/deutsche-telekom-pushes-all-german-internet-safe-from-spying-a-933013.html

Arnold Nipper arnold.nipper at de-cix.net
Fri Nov 15 20:59:45 CET 2013

On 13.11.2013 15:36, Martin J. Levy wrote:

> First: AS3320/DTAG is a member of DC-CIX today and the ASNs moves (I 
> assume) some minimal traffic via the IX. Of course they don't peer 
> with many players; but it's there.

AS3320/DTAG does have a trial IPv6 conenction to DE-CIX only.

> Second: DE-CIX doesn't publish PNI (carrier to carrier
> interconnects) numbers as it's not in their business model. Hence a
> majority of traffic or interconnects within Frankfurt or other
> locations are ignored when looking at the IX stats. Note: LINX in the
> UK does publish this for London.

We do not offer PNI but only more or less are a wholesale for DC PNI. We
could give numbers on how many PNI have been sold but don't have any
idea of hw much traffic goes across these PNI

> Third: There are other major IXs in Germany. Don't forget ECIX in 
> four cities. BCIX in Berlin. INXS in Munich. Plus Others. Germany is 
> a large land mass (large mSec latency edge to edge). Other 
> interconnect points besides Frankfurt are needed.

Depends on your definition of 'major' and 'large' ... There are
interconnect points in Hamburg, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt and
Munich. DE-CIX also runs IXP in Hamburg and Munich. INXS in Munich is
not really alive anymore afaik (News last updated [2009-10-26])

should really give all of the interesting places.

Besides the cities listed above there are IXP in Bremen, Dortmund,
Nuernberg and Stuttgart.

By heart I would say that 95% of all Germans live with a 100km radius of
these cities.

> I strongly recommend a review of http://ixmaps.ca/ project - maybe a 
> budding German masters candidate could covert that from a Canadian
> to German experiment. Then we would know more data and read less 
> rhetoric. (I mean from politicians vs this group - honest).

Good idea!

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