[connect-bof] Germany and Dtag has some funny ideas http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/deutsche-telekom-pushes-all-german-internet-safe-from-spying-a-933013.html

Carsten Schiefner ripe-wgs.cs at schiefner.de
Wed Nov 13 14:00:56 CET 2013

Hi Will, all -

On 13.11.2013 10:56, Will Hargrave wrote:
> With increasing focus on liberalising the market for services in the
> EU, excluding British companies from competing on a level footing
> within the EU would be interesting.

that comes in addition. And I recall issues when the Commission got 
already highly excited about much smaller and less obvious competition 

> (e.g. consider Vodafone's recent acquisition of Kabel Deutschland)

And now AT&T alledgedly has put an eye on VF: would this render KD 
inappropriate as a "national/Schengen EU Internet" carrier?

> The prospect of countries 'pulling up the drawbridge' is concerning.
> Politicians are finally realising that it is not the US dominance of
> organisations like ICANN which matters to the Internet but the actual
> network itself. We can expect similar rhetoric in the future.

Unfortunately I can't disagree here.



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