[connect-bof] Germany and Dtag has some funny ideas http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/deutsche-telekom-pushes-all-german-internet-safe-from-spying-a-933013.html

Carsten Schiefner ripe-wgs.cs at schiefner.de
Wed Nov 13 10:25:06 CET 2013

Wilhelm, all -

On 13.11.2013 09:01, Wilhelm Boeddinghaus wrote:
> I personally think their want the monopoly back. Oh, the good old times
> without competition :-)

the smell is just too strong here to go unnoticed: this is pure market 
powerplay for dominance in the disguise of "The Good for the People". If 
domestic traffic needs to be routed within the borders of that very 
domain - whether this is a country or the Schengen EU - it would 
drastically reduce the number of carriers, ISPs etc. In essence, the 
only carrier(s) to be able to do this on a national/Schengen EU wide 
level is/are the... [DRUM ROLL] incumbent carrier(s)!

If if this is even backed by a law specifically made for this: it's 
Christmas, Easter and the respective CEO's birthday on 365 days of the 
year from now on. Hooray, life is beautiful again!

The interesting bit is: this is *NOT* a layer 3/4 issue - this is the 
mother of all layer 8 and higher issues. And therefore should only be 
dealt with there.

I cannot be told that whoever aims at tapping a "national" or "Schengen 
EU" Internet will fail to do so, because of... it's different 
architecture? It's deployed for only being tapped by the "Good Ones" 
aka. "our" spies? Or what?



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