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[certtest] Upcoming upgrade of certtest software

  • From: Tim Bruijnzeels tim@localhost
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 13:28:17 +0200

Dear colleagues,

we would like to give you some advance info that we plan to upgrade the
software running 1 week from today. The system may be
unavailable from Monday 28/6 to Thursday 1/7.

The actual upgrade is not expected to take long, but users who logged in
recently will have noticed performance issues. We need to upgrade first
to debug this properly and there may be some more downtime while we look
into this.

Furthermore we will have to ask you to re-activate your test Certificate
Authorities after the upgrade. Changes in the set up of the Trust Anchor
used by the test system force us to replace the current RIPE NCC test
resource CA. Therefore hosted member CAs will have to be re-activated
under a new CA.

We hope this planned upgrade and ensuing downtime will not disrupt any
tests that you were planning to do before July 1st. As soon as the
system is upgraded we will inform that the light is green again. And of
course we will then also give more details about the technical changes
made to the system.

Kind regards,

Tim Bruijnzeels

Senior Software Engineer