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RE: [certtest] How to begin test process

Title: How to begin test process

Hello Do Duc Huy,


Thank you for your interested in the testing process. My name is Erik Pragt and I’m a developer for the certification project. At the moment, it’s not yet possible to begin with the testing process. Currently we are working on setting up the technical infrastructure.


When that is done, all subscribers will receive detailed instructions on how to test the application. At the moment it’s quite hard to give a definitive date, but we’ll try to keep you updated at least every two weeks.


Erik Pragt



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Subject: [certtest] How to begin test process


Hi all,
I have registered with this list for a week but have not received any information at all. Is there any one know how to begin the testing process?

Thanks in advance

Do Duc Huy
Researcher, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Institute
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