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ICANN Address Council - Asia Pacific Region

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 17:56:32 +1000
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On 7 September 1999, APNIC (the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre)
issued a call for nominations from the Asia Pacific region to fill 3 places
on the Address Council of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers.  The Address Council (or AC) is to serve as the policy advisory
body of the Address Supporting Organisation (ASO) of ICANN, whose formation
was approved by the ICANN Board at its August Meeting in Santiago, Chile.

As a member of the ASO and future signatory to the ASO MoU, APNIC has taken
responsibility for the Address Council appointment process in the Asia
Pacific region, through its Executive Council, the elected body which
represents the interests of over 350 APNIC Member organisations in the

The APNIC Executive Council has been mindful of very short timeline imposed
by ICANN itself (namely that ASO Board members of ICANN must be nominated by
the Address Council to ICANN by mid-October), and also of the lack of
suitable opportunities (such as scheduled regional Internet conferences) for
open ASO meetings to be held during the short selection period.

Therefore, the path chosen by the APNIC EC for appointment of the AC members
(as described in the 7 September announcement) has involved a
widely-announced public nomination process, with the opportunity for public
statements of support for candidates, followed by a selection of candidates
by the EC itself according to published selection criteria.  These criteria
included the individual's experience in serving the Internet community in
the Asia Pacific region, familiarity with the intended roles of ICANN and
the ASO, familiarity with the role of APNIC, residence in the Asia Pacific
region, support from the individual's employer to the time and resource
commitment required to discharge the duties of this role, and geographic
diversity of the three individuals from within the Asia Pacific region.

Since the close of nominations on 28 September, the APNIC EC has considered
carefully the group of 7 candidates nominated, and has arrived at its
decision.  Taking all factors into account, the EC has selected the
following 3 individuals to serve on the Address Council:

    Takashi Arano, NTT, Japan            For a term of 3 years;
    Jianping Wu, CERNET, China           For a term of 2 years;
    Hyun Je Park, Thrunet, Korea         For a term of 1 year.

The APNIC Executive Council would like to congratulate all individuals who
were nominated to the Address Council, and commend the successful
appointees. We hope that all interested parties and individuals in this
region will join us in supporting the selected individuals, and the Address
Council itself, in the challenging work which lies ahead.

Best regards

Paul Wilson
Director General, APNIC

For the APNIC Executive Council:

Dr Tommi Chen, the Network Connections, Malaysia (Chair);
Che-Hoo Cheng, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Secretary);
Toru Takahashi, Tokyo Internet Corporation (Treasurer);
Geoff Huston, Telstra, Australia;
Xing Li, CERNET, China;
Oh Kwang Sok, National Computerization Agency, Korea;
Kuo-Wei Wu, Yam Digital Technology, Taiwan.

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