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Results from the ICANN board meeting (Re: Final RIR ASO Proposal Submission to ICANN )

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  • Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 08:14:31 +0200

Andrew McLaughlin [mclaughlin@localhost] Writes:

>The resolutions have been posted on the ICANN web site at

ASO Memorandum of Understanding

RESOLVED [99.__] that the Board accepts the proposal for the formation of a Memorandum-of-Understanding-based Address Supporting Organization (ASO) submitted by ARIN, RIPE NCC, and APNIC.

RESOLVED [99.__] that the Interim President and CEO is authorized and directed to prepare implementing Bylaws and to sign an appropriate Memorandum of Understanding in cooperation with the proponents of the proposal, subject to ratification by the Board. The Interim President and CEO is further directed to ensure that the Memorandum of Understanding includes a review mechanism similar to that set forth in the Protocol Supporting Organization Memorandum of Understanding, to occur periodically, the first review to occur by the time of ICANN's Annual Meeting in 2000.

RESOLVED [99.__] that the Board notes with approval the continuing efforts toward the organization and establishment of new regional Internet registries for the African and Latin American/Caribbean geographic regions (AFRINIC and LACNIC), notes the strong support for these efforts among the existing regional internet registries, and encourages all parties involved to work expeditiously to complete the necessary structural and technical tasks to enable the new registries to sign the MoU as soon as possible. Pending final recognition of the new regional internet registries, the Board encourages the ASO Council to involve representatives of those registries in the activities of the ASO as observers.

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