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RE: IMPORTANT: ICANN ASO, Your Expicit Support Required.

Telecel fully supports the draft Proposal for the ICANN 
Address Supporting Organisation (ASO)

Telecel, Comunicações Pessoais, SA
Jorge Alves (JA75)
Network Engineering Manager

Best regards,

Telecel, Internet Business Unit
Tel:   +351 1 7224085
Fax: +351 1 7224195
Email: alvesj@localhost

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Daniel Karrenberg [SMTP:Daniel.Karrenberg@localhost]
> Sent:	Wednesday, July 14, 1999 12:56 PM
> To:	Reseaux IP Europeens
> Cc:	RIPE NCC Memebrship; Local Internet Registries in Europe
> Subject:	IMPORTANT: ICANN ASO, Your Expicit Support Required.
> =====> your explicit support is needed, see further below <=======
> Dear Colleagues, 
> We have recently published the draft proposal for the ICANN Address
> Supporting 
> Organisation (ASO). The proposal is the result of numerous discussions
> within the
> RIPE community and the collective effort of all the Regional Internet
> Registries:
> The proposal reflects the input we have received from the community. In
> particular
> it builds on the existing regional structures and proposes to continue 
> using the well established processes we have been using to develop address
> space
> related policies over the years. This eliminates the need for you to
> participate in 
> another, global, process of IP addressing policy development in order to
> be
> represented
> and defend your interests.
> The Regional Internet Registries plan to collectively submit the ASO
> proposal 
> to ICANN later this month. This will allow ICANN to consider the proposal
> at 
> the ICANN meeting to be held on 24-26 August 1999 in Santiago, Chile.
> The cover letter and draft proposal for a MoU-based ASO document can be
> found 
> under the current issues section at:
> http://www.ripe.net/info/ncc/icann.html
> If you have any comments or discussion points please use the mailing list 
> aso-discuss@localhost.
> If you can support the draft as is, please register your explicit support
> on that
> list too. Since there is at least one other proposal (also referenced from
> the URL above)
> it is extremely important that our proposal collects as much explicit
> support from ISPs
> as possible. Without this support being explicit, ICANN will not be able
> to
> decide on the establishment of the ASO in an expeditious fashion.
> It will be very useful if your supporting message would include
> - Organisation Name
> - RIPE NCC registry ID (if a LIR and if known)
> - Function (get someone with an impressive job title to send it ;-)
> Thank you for your support
> Rob Blokzijl		Chairman of RIPE
> Keith Mitchell		Chairman of the RIPE NCC Executive Board 
> Daniel Karrenberg	General Manager of the RIPE NCC 

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