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SV: IMPORTANT: ICANN ASO, Your Expicit Support Required.

We can support the draft proposal for the ICANN Address Supporting

Torben Bajlum, Technical Manager

> -----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
> Fra:	Daniel Karrenberg [SMTP:Daniel.Karrenberg@localhost]
> Sendt:	14. juli 1999 13:56
> Til:	Reseaux IP Europeens
> Cc:	RIPE NCC Memebrship; Local Internet Registries in Europe
> Emne:	IMPORTANT: ICANN ASO, Your Expicit Support Required.
> =====> your explicit support is needed, see further below <=======
> Dear Colleagues, 
> We have recently published the draft proposal for the ICANN Address
> Supporting 
> Organisation (ASO). The proposal is the result of numerous discussions
> within the
> RIPE community and the collective effort of all the Regional Internet
> Registries:
> The proposal reflects the input we have received from the community. In
> particular
> it builds on the existing regional structures and proposes to continue 
> using the well established processes we have been using to develop address
> space
> related policies over the years. This eliminates the need for you to
> participate in 
> another, global, process of IP addressing policy development in order to
> be
> represented
> and defend your interests.
> The Regional Internet Registries plan to collectively submit the ASO
> proposal 
> to ICANN later this month. This will allow ICANN to consider the proposal
> at 
> the ICANN meeting to be held on 24-26 August 1999 in Santiago, Chile.
> The cover letter and draft proposal for a MoU-based ASO document can be
> found 
> under the current issues section at:
> http://www.ripe.net/info/ncc/icann.html
> If you have any comments or discussion points please use the mailing list 
> aso-discuss@localhost.
> If you can support the draft as is, please register your explicit support
> on that
> list too. Since there is at least one other proposal (also referenced from
> the URL above)
> it is extremely important that our proposal collects as much explicit
> support from ISPs
> as possible. Without this support being explicit, ICANN will not be able
> to
> decide on the establishment of the ASO in an expeditious fashion.
> It will be very useful if your supporting message would include
> - Organisation Name
> - RIPE NCC registry ID (if a LIR and if known)
> - Function (get someone with an impressive job title to send it ;-)
> Thank you for your support
> Rob Blokzijl		Chairman of RIPE
> Keith Mitchell		Chairman of the RIPE NCC Executive Board 
> Daniel Karrenberg	General Manager of the RIPE NCC 

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